Welcome to St. John’s International School

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Outside The Classroom

Student Activities

At St. John’s International School we take pride not only in our academic standards, but also in our activities.

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Student Clubs

Join Our School Clubs

Our teachers and students at our school take much pride in our school clubs.

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Student Advising

Find Help

We offer our students support whenever they need help.

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Why St. John's International?

Small Class Sizes

Smaller class size of 15 – 20 students to promote personalized focus, and attention.

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Physical Education

Healthy Body Healthy Mind

P.E. and sports ensures that students discover the values of good teamwork.

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Looking For Homestay?

St. John’s International school will help find homestay service for our students.
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University Preparation

Prepare For Success

You can never be over prepared especially for English Provincial Exam or the IELTS Exam. Come and sign up for additional practice and be more than prepared.

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Application Procedure

  1. Download Application form.
  2. Make sure to fill out all fields and required signatures.

International Students:

  • Application Form
  • Passport
  • Study Permit and Entry Visa
  • Previous two years’ transcripts (Transcripts from overseas need to be translated into English and notarized).
  • Medical Insurance
  • Custodian Declaration Letter (If under 19 years old).
  • Home Stay Application and Forms. (Must be submitted at least 10 working days before the intended first day of stay at the host family).

Local Students:

  • Application Form
  • Permanent Resident Card/Canadian Passport
  • Previous two years’ transcripts
  • Medical Insurance
  1. See our School Fee details.
  2. Contact school advisor to issue Payment Notice or ask questions if needed
    info@stjohnsis.com or 604-683-4572
  3. Pay School fee via below methods:
    – Money order, bank draft or personal cheque, or electronic transfer.
    – Payable to: “St. John’s International School,” Mailing address:
    395 West Broadway Vancouver, BC, Canada V5Y 1A7
  1. Once all the fees have been received, “Letter of Acceptance*” will be sent to the student. International students should then take this letter to the Canadian Embassy or Consulate to apply for a Study Permit.
  2. All students without a BC Ministry of Education English 10 grade with passing grade of 50% or over will be required to write an English Level Placement Test before enrollment to the classes.

* Letter of Acceptance, “LOA” is to provide the application procedure in order for student to apply for the Student Permit. It does not guarantee that the student can register for courses and take placement test, until the Student Permit is approved and issued. Once the full payment, and all St John’s International application forms including the Student Permit are provided, students are qualified to register for courses.

*Students who are in ESL coming from public school or students that are new to Canada are all required to take the English Proficiency Test at St John’s International School before course planning.


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