Adult Graduation


Adult Graduation Program is available for students 18 or older. This program provides students with all necessary courses to obtain the  Certificate of Graduation or the Adult High School Diploma. Students are required to gain a total of 20 credits by successfully completing 5 courses.

The Adult Graduation Program allows students, who have not completed the requirements for graduation, to graduate quickly by taking only 5 “core” secondary school courses. Students in the Adult Education Program are not required to write Provincial exams, however, it is advised that students take the Provincial exams as it will help them when applying to post-secondary institutions.
Required Courses Credits
English 12 or Communications 12 (Provincial Exam Optional). 4
Mathematics 11 or 12 4
Total 8 Credits
Option 1
Three 4 credits Grade 12 level courses = 3 courses x 4 credits. 12
Total 12 Credits
Option 2
Socials Studies 11 (Provincial Exam Optional) 4 credits, and any two 4 credits Grade 12 level courses. 12
Total 12 Credits