Student Advising


We offer our students support whenever they need help.

  • We help students on finding banking services, dental and medical clinics, and how to purchase transit tickets.
  • Important Matters – Our Student Advisors are able to help with important matters outside of education, such as inquiries about study permit, visitor visa, and medical insurance. We will guide students to the proper resources that can answer their questions about study permit and visitor visa extension to ensure that these documents are valid and up-to-date. In addition, we will help set up BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) or private insurance applications to ensure that our students’ well-being is always protected while studying in Canada.
  • Additional Education – We have free tutoring classes every Saturday and also offer an IELTS Exam Preparation Course. To find out how to register for the IELTS Exam Preparation Course, contact
  • Homestay and Guardian – St. John’s International School can also help arrange homestay services through our network of providers. Our Student Advisors facilitate close contact with parents and guardians in order to keep them informed of student attendance and academic progress.
  • Languages – Our staff are fluent in many languages. We can contact oversea parents with their comfortable languages and provide translation services for parent/teacher meetings.

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